Rich Prick

Release Date: November 8, 2023

He’s a massive jerk. My ex’s worst enemy… and the perfect guy to make him jealous.

My life was perfect. Straight As. Coveted internship. Great friends. And the cutest, sweetest boyfriend on the way to becoming my fiancé.

That is until I turned left instead of right, stumbled into the wrong closet, and saw something my sweet boyfriend did not want me to see. The next morning, intimate videos of us were all over school.

I’ll make that b**tard pay if it costs me everything he hasn’t already destroyed…

…good thing my brother’s best friend owes me a favor.

Devin Scott is rich, arrogant, and my ex’s top rival on and off the football field.

He agrees to my fake dating scheme with a smirk and heavy conditions, but I’ll do anything to make my ex feel a fraction of the pain and humiliation that I feel.

This is nothing but a business arrangement.

Any feelings I think are passing between us aren’t real.

Tenderness that I imagine behind his eyes is a trick of light.

The touches and stolen glances that happen when my ex isn’t looking are just practice.

Devin and I can’t fall in love, and when dark secrets are revealed and I’m betrayed by the only person I had left to trust, it’s all proven true.

This is no fairy tale.

Devin Scott is not my prince charming.

Rich Pr*ck is a steamy fake dating, brother’s best friend, and enemies to lovers romance. This book is standalone and features mature themes and language. The release date is a placeholder and will be brought forward.

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