Bossy Prick

Release Date: September 7, 2023

He’s an insufferable jerk who just happens to be my knight in shining armor.

All Scarlett Bardot wants is a fresh start, and she had to run away from everything she knows to get it.

When that flight makes it as far as the bar her rusty heap of a car broke down in front of, she wasn’t expecting kindness from the owner.

And she didn’t get it.

He’s horrible. Arrogant, grumpy, and lacking any basic decency.

Winding up his employee and next-door neighbor was just more bad luck. But falling for the jerk who enrages her more than anyone she’s ever met, but protects her better than anyone ever has…

…that’s as bad as it gets.


Daxton Hart is a cold, tatted-up bar owner with a reputation that strikes fear in everyone who knows better.

Recovering from the sins of the past, he’s got no interest in complicating his life with relationships, attachments, or college girls with the manners of a southern belle, and the mouth of a sailor.

When that college girl crashes into his life anyway, he does what he has to do to help the practically homeless woman, so he can sleep at night.

But nothing can happen between them. This fiery, gorgeous, irritating contradiction of a woman can’t get any closer to him than she already has, because the sins of his past are catching up, and when it does…

…they’ll both be destroyed.

Bossy Prick is a steamy grumpy boss, enemies to lovers romance. This book is standalone and features mature themes and language. The release date is a placeholder and will be brought forward.

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